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Laxey Football Club


Nigel Beattie

Current Player

Chris Brown

Dudley Butt
Role: President

Beautifully balanced player whose tackle is legendary. About to peak.

Dudley has one of the longest careers in Laxey Football Club history and single-handedly destroyed the pitch in the seventies with his clumsy slide tackles, as a result he amassed a debt that can never be repaid! Dudley makes his boots from recycled cardboard boxes, allegedly for extra "grip" in the slide... Like all his footballing skills, that doesn't work either! It's believed that Dudley may have touched the ball in 1993, but the current evidence is inconclusive.

Liam Cain

Current Player

Dave Callow
Role: Chairman

Paul Callow

Current Player

John Callow

Current Player

Marty Corlett

Current Player

David Screech Corlett
Role: Club Captain

Current Player

Michael 'Chippy' Cowin

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